Pwn2Own contest winner: Macs are safer than Windows

Charlie Miller, the security expert who won both this and last year’s CanSecWest Pwn2Own security contests by exploiting Macs running Safari, repeated in an interview that he’d recommend Macs to typical users as a safer alternative to Windows PCs. More: continued here

iPhone not recognized in iTunes for Windows

Note: This article is for Windows users. If you have a Mac, please refer to support document TS1591. If you have an iPod touch, see support document HT1852. If you are experiencing a symptom where iPhone does not appear in the Source list in iTunes after you connect it to your Windows PC, refer to […]

Stream live TV to your iPhone via Orb 2.0

Orb 2.0 just popped up in the App Store.  What does Orb 2.0 do?  It’s a media-streaming app that lets you watch live TV from a tuner connected to a Windows PC, as well as stream music, videos, and photos from their libraries.  Plus, Orb lets you monitor a webcam, so you can spy on […]

OrbLive Brings Live Streaming Video To Your iPhone

Orb Networks has introduced a new iPhone app, OrbLive (App Store link), that plays live TV, Internet TV, and webcams on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The app is optimized for media streaming over WiFi. Note: OrbLive is currently limited to Windows PC users, More: continued here

YomoMedia RSS Podcast Aggregator

YomoMedia RSS Podcast Aggregator sixteen June, 2008 Posted by SolSie As computer, Podcast, WebApp, windows mobile, windows laptop, iPhone (0) comment Your mobile Media (YomoMedia) is a web software for computer, Apple iPhone Safari and a home windows cellular Smartphone client application. YoMoMedia is a full featured feed reader and organizer.   YomoMedia options: in […]

problem with Apple device updates on windows?

Is Apple pushing undesirable device on users? In a recent ZD internet put up, Ed Bott accuses Apple of slipping unwanted device onto customers computers with out them asking for it. in keeping with Bott, the windows version of Apple’s software that robotically provides updates for the windows model of iTunes is routinely putting in […]