GClient: the primary Google+ shopper For home windows, Now on hand For download

we’ve all seen Google+ and how efficient it works within the internet browser, however what if you want to use it straight from the desktop. GClient is the primary ever personal computer shopper for Google+, currently windows-handiest, and permits users to operate most very important Google+ duties proper from a small window. extra: continued right […]

Browser comparability Between unique iPad and iPad 2

TiPb bargains this nice comparison video displaying the enhancements within the iPad 2 net browser over the unique iPad. the original iPad came with simplest 256MB of RAM as in comparison with 512MB discovered in the iPhone 4. This relative lack of ram was consi… more: persevered right here

iPhone 3GS Pwns Android 2.2 Froyo (with Flash) on Nexus One in Web Browser Speed Test

Android 2.2 aka Froyo is without a doubt the best version of Android OS that we have seen yet! The main thing which everyone was interested to find out was about the speed of the browser which Google claims to be the fastest amongst any of the mobile web browsers available on any platform today. […]

iPhone browsing to be faster with Opera — if Apple approves

The company behind the Web browser Opera is weeks away from submitting it to Apple’s iPhone store for approval, a spokesman said Friday. The result, according to the Norwegian company, would be a browser up to six times faster than the iPhone’s default Web tool, Safari. The open question is is whether Apple will approve […]

App Advice Daily: Appisode 77

Opera Mini showed off their mobile web browser for the iPhone, but will it ever get past the Apple approval process? Zombies continue their invasion on the App Store, and we have a sneak peek at Freeverse’s newest upcoming title Zombie Cannon Carnage. The physics based puzzle game, Rafter, received an update after listening to […]

Apple Now Lets You Preview iPhone Apps In Your Browser

In November 2009, Apple launched a feature dubbed iTunes Preview, which essentially enabled people to see what music is available on iTunes from their Web browser without the need to fire up – or install – the desktop software program. This morning, Apple activated the iTunes Preview feature for iPhone / iPod Touch applications in […]

Mac News Briefs: TLA updates Mac version of PCalc

The Mac version of the scientific calculator adds many of the features developer TLA Systems has recently added to PCalc for the iPhone. Also on Thursday, Opera put out the latest beta of its Web browser, Delicious Monster updated Delicious Library, and U&I Software launched MetaSynth 5. More: continued here

Review: Safari 4 Web browser

If you want the fastest browser on the Mac, Safari 4.0 is the hands-down winner. It lacks the endless flexibility of Firefox’s plug-ins, and it’s far less svelte than its rival browsers, but Safari combines raw power and a thoughtful, well-crafted interface to give Mac users the best user experience. More: continued here

OmniGroup Sets Four of its Apps Free

While most of the Mac blogosphere has been occupied with a certain other browser release, the OmniGroup, a stalwart of NeXT and OS X software development, has made four of its own previously commercial apps, including the very appealing OmniWeb browser, completely free of charge. The other applications in question are presentation improver OmniDazzle, useless […]

I Like My Browser Shaken, Not Stirred

As previously reported, Apple lifted the ban on web browsers and approved several apps. This is one of them. It’s called Shaking Web. Did Apple decide to approve the browsers because they felt that competition is a good thing and every developer deserves a fair shake? (Get it, shake?! I’m so clever! I deserve a […]