Make Free Calls To Your fb friends With This iPhone App

facebook Messenger, developed by way of Crisp App, is a recent inclusion in the App retailer which helps you’re making Voice over IP (VoIP) calls to your fb chums even supposing they are on browser. The app is built over fb’s API to hook up with the facebook servers, then again, the VoIP feature has […]

the right way to take care of Your Mac’s A/V Settings for Voice & Video Chat

VOIP and video chat options are turning into rather more common and consumer-friendly. whereas i like to recommend Skype as a result of it’s multi-platform, i’ll take you through changing the audio/visible settings on quite a lot of Mac-based voice and video apps, including iChat, Skype and FaceTime. more: persisted right here

9 things Apple iPad misses

9 things Apple iPad misses – After three years Apple is back to what it is known to be best at — launch new product. The computing giant launched iPad, a sleek table that aims to revolutionise the publishing business the same way as Apple iPod transformed the music industry and iPhone transformed the telecom […]

Wireless Carriers Are Wrong to Cripple Skype for iPhone

Everybody loves the idea of cheap VoIP calls on cell phones. Everybody, that is, except for wireless carriers who charge usurious fees for voice and data plans. Cellular providers around the globe are placing restrictions on Skype for iPhone and other Internet phone services, and that’s bad news for consumers. More: continued here

Skype To Deliver Their Own App

The German software company – owned by eBay – Skype will bring their own program to the App Store. Skype is a VoIP that allows you to make calls to other Skype users, landlines, and mobile phones. It also allows instant messaging, file transfer and video conferencing. The billion dollar company has been busy – […]

L’iPod Touch, un nouveau téléphone ?

En tout cas, le lecteur MP3 d’Apple peut désormais faire office de téléphone grâce au logiciel développé par Truphone. Bon, inutile de s’exciter, le tout est assez limité, puisque fonctionnant via WiFi en VoIP, ce qui permet de communiquer avec d’autres possesseurs d’iPod Touch ainsi que les utilisateurs de Google Talk et des services téléphoniques […]

Arriva Truphone per iPod Touch: trasforma l’iPod in un telefono VoIP

E’ disponibile da oggi Truphone per iPod Touch (Truphone for iPod Touch su AppStore). Grazie all’applicazione è possibile usare un iPod Touch di ultima generazione come un telefono VoIP SIP, quando si è coperti da un segnale WiFi e se si è dotati di auricolari con microfono, come quelli dell’iPhone (disponibili sullo store Apple). Non […]

OrbLive Update Enables 3G & EDGE Live TV Streaming on iPhone, on App Store

Orb today updated their OrbLive client for iPhone and iPod touch. Today’s update enables the ability to watch Live TV (streamed from a host PC) to iPhone over 3G and EDGE connections. Previously, Apple has blocked such uses of the 3G network, forcing people to use Wi-Fi for such connections. For example, VoIP providers are […]

Truphone – softphone for cell phones

Truphone is a free software app for your mobile phone that routes your calls over the Internet. These calls are made using VoIP using your phone’s WiFi connection and even Nokia and Blackberrys can make calls via Truphone’s network without a WiFi conn. In case you’re wondering what’s in it for Truphone, their business model […]