Final Cut Friday: How to use keywords to easily locate clips cut from the project timeline [Video]

In a textbook example of addition by subtraction, cutting footage from a Final Cut Pro X project timeline can be just as important as placing footage on the timeline. But what if you want to quickly recover a clip that you previously removed? Watch our hands-on Final Cut Friday video walkthrough that shows how using […]

Eve shares new details and release timeline for upcoming HomeKit Energy Strip and Light Strip

Connected home company Eve (formerly Elgato) is back again at CES with an update on its previously announced Eve Energy Strip and Eve Light Strip. Last year at CES the company introduced the Eve Room and Button and later restructured its focus exclusively on smart home devices. more… The post Eve shares new details and […]

Google rolling out new ‘Your Timeline’ location history feature to Google Maps on iOS

In addition to the iOS update it rolled out yesterday, Google today has announced another new feature for Google Maps on iOS. In a blog post this afternoon, Google announced the addition of a new feature called Your Timeline, which allows you to keep track of the places you visit. more… 9to5Mac

Tweetbot iOS 10 update brings rich notifications, verified timeline filter, follower notes, more

Less than a week after the public release of iOS 10, popular iOS Twitter client Tweetbot has been updated with a handful of optimizations for Apple’s latest operating system. The update brings the app to version 4.5 and brings new iOS 10 features, as well as a handful of other changes. more… Filed under: Apple […]

How-To: Use the Timeline Index in Final Cut Pro X to efficiently select multiple clips [Video]

When editing projects in Final Cut Pro X, it’s easy to accumulate a wide variety of different clips in the timeline. These items can be spread out across the timeline in such a way that it can be cumbersome to select multiple clips at once using a cursor and keyboard. Thankfully, a very handy tool, called […]

Google Versus Apple, The Infographic Timeline

The Google versus Apple clash has had so many episodes that it got really hard to have a clear idea of what happened in what order. For that matter, GigaOM put their infographic creation talent to work once again and came up with a great timeline of the main events of the Apple vs. Google conflict. […]

Apple Upset at Rogers for iPhone Pricing?

remaining week we talked about that the majority customers are so upset at Rogers for the high iPhone knowledge tariffs that they have started an online petition that numbered 10,000 strong and rising. Now it’s been rumored that Apple itself is joining the mutiny. Boy Genius file, the source of many legit rumors, has delivered […]

iPhone Timeline (1999 – 2008)

the entire iPhone buzz started at MacWorld 07 where Steve Jobs announced that Apple will quickly be releasing a touchscreen phone i.e. the iPhone. The attention-grabbing truth here is that despite its launch in 2007, iPhone is being worked upon because 1999 and the next visual iPhone timeline can provide an explanation for it no […]