Malwarebytes comes to iOS w/ scam call blocking, spam text filtering, web protection & more

Long-time Mac security software Malwarebytes is making its iOS debut this month with the release of a new all-in-one security app for iOS users. Thanks to our sponsor Malwarebytes, we’re giving away 50 codes to users that download the new app. Enter your email below and download the app for a chance to win. Malwarebytes […]

Apple apologizes for iCloud calendar invite spam, actively ‘identifying and blocking’ senders

Some Apple users have been plagued with iCloud calendar invite spam in recent weeks, with calendar periods being blocked up with unsolicited events from anonymous senders (usually with Chinese names). It is thought that the spammers are mass targeting any iCloud email account it can find on the web, rather than targeting specific users. Apple has now acknowledged the issue in […]

Spammers Already Taking purpose at Apple’s Ping

it is been not up to 24 hours considering the fact that Apple launched iTunes 10 and its integrated social networking functionality, Ping, but spammers and scammers are already beginning to unfold their messages by way of the carrier. the first main instance appears t… more: continued here

Craigsphone brings Craigslist to the iPhone

Craigslist is certainly one of my absolute favourite web sites on the ‘web — it can be been round for years, but stored the identical simple appear and feel, completely pleasant the service of classifieds with out ever once going off that route. certain, there are concerns with spam, but Craig and his minions have […]

MoodBlast 3.1 brings Pownce support

supply: Flickr part: functions, web, Communications, e-mail-IM Social updating has been rising in recognition over the last yr, with Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku and fb. This form of micro-running a blog has change into so popular with so a variety of services and products to replace your status with and share knowledge. The restore for this […]