Shure MV88: a solid Lightning-enabled microphone for on-the-go recording [Video]

If you want to record audio via your iPhone while on the go, you basically have two choices: you can use your iPhone’s on-board microphone, or you can use an external microphone. For anyone who’s compared the difference in sound quality, the decision is a no brainer. You’ll get significantly better sound quality by opting […]

Vietnamese site claims it has used a real iPhone 7, features 4K video recording at 60 FPS and rubber seal SIM tray

A poster on a Vietnamese Apple website is claiming to have used a working iPhone 7 unit, ahead of the device’s official unveiling on Wednesday at Apple’s press media event. The writer shares his experience handling Apple’s iPhone 7 (not the Plus model) and most of he what he says mirrors previous reports. Apply some skepticism here though: there are no photos for evidence. […]

‘iPhone 6s’ Again Rumored to Feature 12MP Camera With 4K Video Recording

A sketchy and unconfirmed internal document posted by an alleged Foxconn employee on Chinese microblogging website Weibo (via PhoneArena) corroborates rumors that the next-generation iPhone could feature a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera with 4K video recording and 240 FPS slow-motion capabilities. Weibo user KJuma has since removed the pair of leaked documents he shared on the […]