Using MSCONFIG to troubleshoot conflicts in Windows XP

In Windows XP, some background processes can cause issues that may prevent applications such as iTunes and QuickTime Player from working correctly, opening, or even installing. Learn how you might resolve these conflicts by disabling some items using the System Configuration Utility (MSCONFIG). More: continued here

Mac OS X 10.6.3 build brings 64-bit Logic, QuickTime tweaks

Apple has seeded a third beta build of the upcoming Mac OS X 10.6.3 update, which currently offers enhancements related to QuickTime X and Logic, according to AppleInsider. The beta version, build number 10D538, includes an updated version of QuickTime X that will reportedly increase security while improving compatibility and reliability…. More: continued here

Apple patches 10 critical QuickTime bugs

Apple on Monday patched 10 critical vulnerabilities in QuickTime, including one that was hinted at in a Mac hacking book three months ago. Three of the bugs were in how it parses movie files, two were in its handling of PICT image files and others were traced to problems dealing with JP2, MS ADPCM-encoded audio, […]

MSA QT: More than HD Fullscreen Video – Way More than HD (4096+ pixels, anyone?)

1080 whatever. Memo (Mehmet) Akten, musician, visualist, creative developer, and self-described “mad scientist” wanted to play a 4800 x 600 pixel QuickTime video file across two outputs. Well, not just two outputs, even – two outputs feeding three triple-head outputs feeding six projectors. There’s just one problem: most video apps choke on a file that […]

Maccast 2008.10.28

Download today’s show here! MC20081028.mp3 [78.5MB 01:25:44 128kbps] A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 242. Apple continues to shine in Q4. New Mac vs PC ads jab Microsoft’s ad strategy. What do Mac Mini and Jobs have in common? New Macbook and Macbook Pro reports. Is GPU support […]

iDeneb Mac OS X Leopard v10.5.4 for AMD & Intel [ISO v1.1]

Developed by Layne (Punk92), this release is based on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.4 including the last updates: . iTunes 7.7.1 . QuickTime 7.5 . Security Update 2008-005 . Front Row 2.1.3 . Airport Uility Changelog v1.0 to v1.1: • Fixed CarbonLib Error • Fixed Error “Do not Transfer my information now”, now all ethernet […]

Mind mapping comes to the Apple iPhone

The first mind mapping application for the iPhone was recently released. Dubbed MindMaker, it is availabe via the Apple iPhone AppStore. Very little information is available about this tool, other than a brief QuickTime video that shows what its capabilities are. As you might expect on a platform with limited memory like the iPhone, MindMaker’s […]

Apple no deja que los usuarios de Linux vean sus tráilers QuickTime

Un post de un blog de Linux en inglés indica que Apple no deja que los usuarios de Linux podamos ver los famosos tráilers de películas en formato QuickTime que presentan en su página y lo cierto es que tras probarlo en openSUSE 11.0 me he dado cuenta de que efectivamente esta característica parece capada […]

How to type “Leo Laporte” on The iPhone

Leo Laporte has been complaining about the iPhone not letting him typing “Laporte” on the iPhone. As of recent, Laporte still complains that iPhone 2.0 still won’t let him type his last name. This one goes to Leo Laporte and all The Laportes in the world: Typing “Leo Laporte” on iPhone 2.0 ——- Notes: Video […]

La magie des panoramas VR360° s’invite sur l’iPhone avec Pangea VR

Suite de l’exploration tranquille des applications gratuites qui ont déferlé avec l’arrivée du firmware 2 de l’iPhone. C’est Pangea VR qui a retenu toute mon attention ces derniers jours, et qui ravira tous ceux qui sont fascinés par les vues à 360° permettant de se situer en 3 dimensions dans un paysage. Pangea VR ne […]

SplitFuse For 10 US greenbacks – evaluation

SplitFuse, movies quick to unite SplitFuse is a shareware application whose licence is worth simply 10 U.S. greenbacks however you will keep many headaches relating to carrying out an act so simple as becoming a member of more than a few movies in one. additionally it is an extraordinarily useful gizmo in terms of setting […]