Apple’s U.S. forestry programs generated more than 13,000 metric tons of wood in 2016, created jobs

Two years after Apple partnered with The Conservation Fund to protect more than 36,000 acres of vulnerable forestland in Maine and North Carolina, the ambitious project is showing returns, with more than 13,000 metric tons of wood harvested between the two states last year. AppleInsider – Frontpage News

Apple’s Ability to Hire Foreign Workers May Be Impacted by Trump Overhaul of Work-Visa Programs

United States President Donald Trump and his administration have drafted an executive order that intends to overhaul the work-visa programs that various technology companies — including Apple — rely on to hire tens of thousands of employees each year. According to a draft of the order acquired by Bloomberg, affected visa programs include L-1, E-2, […]

Updates Loom as Apple Ends MobileMe and iWork Rebate program

The $30 rebate on MobileMe and iWork for brand spanking new Mac shoppers is now discontinued, in step with a leaked inside memo supplied from “a supply within Apple.” If authentic, the tip of these rebate applications is an effective sign that updates are on the way in which. more: endured here

A Primal Primer: Leptin

Just about every physiological process occurring under the hood can be attributed to one hormone or another. Hormones are like software programs, directing our bodily processes, modulating our reactions to foods, and guiding energy metabolism and balance. We don’t consciously control our hormonal responses – that is, we don’t think to ourselves, “Hmm, let’s get […]

London’s Newest Apple Authorised Training Centre (AATC) is… Academy Class

London’s Newest Apple Authorised Training Centre (AATC) is… Academy Class – Digital media skills training company Academy Class has been certified as an Apple Authorized Training Centre (AATC) to deliver Apple’s pro application in London. The AATC Program provides superior training to Apple customers, from novice users  to seasoned professionals. As a certified AATC, Academy […]

CNN: Apple bans most (but not all) sexy apps

Apple has tightened its restrictions on sexy or suggestive apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and many of the most popular programs in the iTunes app store have been removed. Apple executive Phil Schiller explained, “It came to the point where we were getting customer complaints.” More: continued here

Mac OS X gets rootkit coding manual

Over the past decade, the world has seen advances in rootkits running on Windows and Unix operating systems that few would have thought possible. Now, it’s Mac OS X’s turn, as a security researcher plans to share a variety of techniques for developing the ultra-stealthy programs for the Apple platform. More: continued here

Review: Final Draft AV 2.5

For years, documentary-style film and video makers have struggled to use jury-rigged tables within word processing programs to create the unique two-column scripts needed for planning documentaries, commercials, and corporate videos. Final Draft AV 2.5.2 aims to put a smile on those creative faces by taking over such time-consuming formatting duties so that filmmakers can […]

Apple’s Popular Electronic Playground

Apple announced recently that iPhone and iPod users had downloaded an impressive one billion programs from the company’s online App Store in a mere nine months. Meanwhile, 15 of the 20 most popular paid downloads since the service opened have been games. More: continued here

Review: Desktop tax-preparation programs

TaxCut and TurboTax give professional-level results that will be as accurate as the information you provide. But you’ll spend less time preparing your tax return with TurboTax than with TaxCut. If you dislike tax preparation as much as most people do, that alone is worth the extra money that TurboTax costs. More: continued here