Mac Mini Teardown reveals doable for user-Installable second laborious drive

just like the MacBook Air the day past, iFixit has also conducted a teardown of the new Mac mini. while the internals are similar to the previous generation, the teardown does expose that customers might be able to install a 2d onerous power on their own if a proper cable can be found. the potential […]

‘internet recovery’ Lets New Macs set up OS X from clean exhausting power

Newly-offered Macs — namely Mac minis and MacBook Airs introduced these days — have a brand new function referred to as “web restoration” that downloads and installs OS X Lion despite the fact that your Mac has a failed or blank exhausting drive. a lot of the priority around Lion being download-simplest (although it will […]

Apple launches OSX, Macbook Air & Mac Mini Updates

Apple today released its so much awaited Mac OSX Lion running system and enhancements to Mac Mini, Macbook Air and a new Thunderbolt I/O-primarily based display. this can be a much awaited announcement and is definitely going to gasoline Apple’s already pink-sizzling trade. more: continued right here

Apple Updates Mac mini

Apple these days up to date the Mac mini with subsequent-technology Intel Core processors, new discrete images, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology, and Lion, the world’s most advanced running gadget. the brand new Mac mini provides up to twice the processor and pix performance of the previous era in the same amazingly compact and environment friendly […]

Notes of passion on OS X Lion, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and display announcements

With a flurry of new hardware releases showing alongside OS X Lion nowadays, listed below are a number of notes of pastime that we wanted to verify our readers seen: OS X Lion – whereas Apple initially touted OS X Lion as being a Mac App store unique, the corporate announced today that the new […]

Apple’s Upcoming Hardware Refresh to include Thunderbolt LED show, not MacBook [Updated x4]

prior this week, section numbers for upcoming Apple hardware updates surfaced, with claims that the elements represented new MacBook Air and Mac pro models. whereas the MacBook Air section numbers are believed to be professional, the declare relating to the “Mac pro” part numbers used to be later revised to state that they said new […]

Apple Retail retailers receive Golden master Copies of OS X Lion

Apple appears to be putting in place the ultimate items for OS X Lion’s launch this week. A previous file even pinpointed the release as early as Wednesday morning. we have now been ready to verify that Apple Retail retailers have begun receiving ultimate copies of OS X Lion lately. The installations have come on […]

OS X Lion and New MacBook Airs approaching Wednesday?

AppleInsider reviews that this Wednesday may at last be the day that OS X Lion and new MacBook Air models ultimately begin delivery as consumers have been anxiously expecting the releases. according to people with proven monitor information who would be able to understand, the brand new product launches are set to occur later this […]

Apple’s Upcoming Hardware Refresh to include Thunderbolt LED show, no longer MacBook [Updated x3]

prior this week, section numbers for upcoming Apple hardware updates surfaced, with claims that the elements represented new MacBook Air and Mac professional models. whereas the MacBook Air phase numbers are believed to be legit, the claim concerning the “Mac professional” part numbers used to be later revised to state that they said new Mac […]

those had been Mac Mini and White MacBook section Numbers, now not Mac professionals

it sounds as if some the part numbers leaked previous this week aren’t for the new Mac execs, but instead for brand new Mac minis and White MacBooks. at least, in keeping with 9to5Mac who at the beginning reported the part numbers, and who has now issued a correction. The revised section descriptions and groupings […]

Black Friday Macs: store as much as $a hundred thirty on MacBook Airs, $a hundred and fifty on MacBooks, $270 on MacBook pros, $one hundred eighty on iMacs, $100 on Mac minis and $400 on Mac execs

Apple has launched its Black Friday sale in america providing $a hundred and one off a handful of Macs, though the corporate’s resellers have replied with the aid of besting those discounts — from time to time via more than double — by using offering as much as $a hundred and fifty off white MacBooks, […]

Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server a “incredible deal”

Reviewer Jason Snell ( awards Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server four.5/5 mice, calling it a “unbelievable product for workgroups, small businesses, and even colleges to make use of.” Emphasing worth, Snell provides: “Mac mini server is too just right a deal to go up.” extra: endured here

Apple Blurs the Server Line With Mac Mini Server

Toe, The writes “nowadays Apple introduced a few new hardware choices, including a new Mac mini, their (nearly-actually) pint-sized computer pc. In a strange twist, they are now also offering a Mac mini with Mac OS X Server bundled in, along with a two exhausting drives one way or the other stuffed into the tiny […]

Apple hint at thinner iMacs, lighter MacBooks, cheaper Minis

A trio of online advertisements that appear to have been published prematurely by one of Apple’s international online stores suggest it’s only a matter of days before the Mac maker takes the wraps off of new families of ultra-thin iMacs, lighter & thinner plastic MacBooks, and more affordable Mac minis. More: continued here

Apple’s $600 Mac Mini Costs Nearly $400 to Make

An Apple Mac Mini desktop was the latest victim to go under the iSuppli screwdriver for a teardown, and what the company found inside added up to approximately $376.20 — or $387.14 after manufacturing costs. With an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Nvidia graphics, the Mac Mini has some bang for the buck. More: […]