iPhone XS Max finally loses a speed test to a Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S10+

Over the last four years, iPhone has consistently beaten out Samsung’s flagship smartphones in speeds tests. Now, YouTuber PhoneBuff has put the new Galaxy S10+ up against the iPhone XS Max and it has finally lost its speed test crown. more… The post iPhone XS Max finally loses a speed test to a Samsung flagship, […]

With iOS 12.1, the phone emoji finally loses the home button to reflect modern iPhone design

The iOS 12.1 update will bring more than 70 new emoji to iPhone and iPad users. Apple has also tweaked some of the existing set, most notably the iPhone device emoji. Despite the iPhone X being around for almost a year, the emoji demonstrated a silver iPhone 6. That has finally changed in the latest […]

Qualcomm loses two key rulings in its patent royalty fight with Apple

Qualcomm got two bits of bad news today in its squabble with Apple. First, it has failed to force Apple’s manufacturing partners to make royalty payments prior to a determination of what the total disputed royalties should be, and second it lost an effort to stop Apple from pursing antitrust cases against it in other […]

After suing Apple, Qualcomm loses $816M arbitration case to BlackBerry

An arbitration panel has awarded BlackBerry a preliminary $ 814.9 million to resolve its claim that it had overpaid patent royalties in its contract with Qualcomm. The specific issue pertains only to Qualcomm’s contract with BlackBerry, but highlights the firm’s series of parallel intellectual property disputes, most notably a trio of global cases involving Apple […]

Jay-Z’s Tidal music service loses its second CEO since launching this year

Apple Music may be sorting through its own not so behind-the-scenes shuffling ahead of its launch in one week, but the Jay-Z backed Tidal music streaming service is continuing to struggle at the top. Less than three months since starting the job of interim CEO, Peter Tonstad will no longer be leading the company, the WSJ […]