Apple Music shifts A List: Alternative playlist to ‘ALT CTRL’

After rebranding its A List: Hip-Hop playlist last month to Rap Life, Apple Music has given a makeover to its A list: Alternative playlist. The rotating collection of curated songs is now called ALT CTRL. more… The post Apple Music shifts A List: Alternative playlist to ‘ALT CTRL’ appeared first on 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac

Apple AirPort not on latest ‘Vault 7’ list of gear susceptible to factory firmware hack by CIA

The latest dump of "leaked" documents from WikiLeaks reportedly from the CIA details the "Cherry Blossom" firmware modification program, which allowed intelligence agencies to change firmware in a networking company’s factories — but Apple AirPort hardware appears to be unaffected by the effort. AppleInsider – Frontpage News

Mac Bundle deal: Drive Genius, The Hit List, Nisus Writer Pro, more: $10 and rising!

From 9to5Toys: From writing reports to managing your machine, great apps can make all the difference. The Award-Winning Mac Bundle at 9to5Toys Specials offers 13 of the best, and lets you pay what you want for the collection (starting at $ 10).The bundle headliners include Drive Genius 4, which is used in Apple Stores to […]

Running list of iMessage apps and extensions available ahead of iOS 10

Apple officially unleashed the iMessage App Store earlier this evening ahead of iOS 10’s rollout to the public tomorrow. A variety of long-time popular iOS apps have new iMessage apps and extensions. We covered the new iMessage app from lyric annotation service Genius already, but now that the iMessage App Store is live, a variety […]