Apple Launches online store in China

Apple nowadays introduced the Apple store in China, one of the best ways to shop online for Apple products together with the revolutionary iPhone four and the magical iPad. Apple’s on-line store in China options free shipping, free personalized engraving on any iPod or iPad, and the ability to customized configure any Mac with just […]

iPod nano All About track

Reviewing iPod nano, Peter Ha ( writes that “the present era nano is all for one factor and one factor simplest — song.” Citing its small size, extremely responsive Multi-touch show, and “intuitive UI,” Ha notes that iPod nano “now competitors the shuffle because the smallest iPod and the touch as probably the most coolest […]

Notes on Sixth-era iPod Nano: Teardown, Video Playback recommendations, photo Slideshows, Voice Memos

After the flurry of news the day before today concerning the iPod touch, we’re now turning our attention to the brand new sixth-era iPod nano, which has considered a number of minor tidbits published because it began making its method into the palms of customers. … extra: persisted here

Apple Reinvents iPod nano with Multi-contact

iPod nano has been totally redesigned with Multi-touch, which means that you can navigate your track collection with the aid of simply tapping or swiping a finger on the show. just about 1/2 the dimensions and weight of the previous era, the brand new iPod nano features a polished aluminum and glass enclosure with a […]

The Neat New nano!

Of all of the new merchandise showcased at lately’s keynote experience, the redesigned iPod nano is by way of a long way probably the most radical. featuring a completely new design, the nano turns into the first click on wheel enabled iPod to evolve to a multi-contact interface. essentially a reduce in 1/2 version of […]

First appear: New iPods

iPod nano   The new iPod nano is mainly a somewhat greater iPod shuffle with a touchscreen as an alternative of buttons. it’s a got a shuffle-like clip on the back that stayed placed on my shirt, not budging all over my (now not actually) patented working-Man check. the colors are beautiful; i am keen […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane – Sony Walkman To Apple iPod

A Trip Down Memory Lane – Sony Walkman To Apple iPod – There may be some of you reading this, that can remember something called a Sony Walkman. Now if you are not old enough, just ask your parents or even an older brother or sister. What you will see is this kind of smile […]

Exploring The Apple Ipod

Exploring The Apple Ipod – In a generation that has no recollection of 8-track cassettes, music has always been a convenience able to be carried around in your pocket. But for those of us who still covet our vinyl record albums, the advent of the Apple iPod is revolutionary; who would have ever imagined that […]