April Fools: get ready for the worst jokes in the tech industry

Every year, several companies–most notoriously Google–float various unfunny, excessively long dad jokes on April Fools Day. But rather than waste your time detailing these latest flat attempts at humor in tech, why not take a moment on April 1 to take a look at the really foolish stuff the tech media serves up virtually every […]

April Fools’ Day 2018: Standolier by Twelve South, Lego’s VacuSort, Streaming Socks from Roku, more

It’s April 1st, which means tech companies everywhere are taking part in April Fools’ Day. As has become a ritual in the tech industry, companies are using today to introduce a variety of “products,” some more funny than others. Read on for a full roundup of the best April Fools’ Day announcements of 2018… more… […]