MacUpdate served up Mac cryptominer to unsuspecting users in Firefox, OnyX, and Deeper downloads on Feb. 1

Download aggregator MacUpdate briefly linked to three malicious applications masquerading as legitimate downloads for Firefox, OnyX, and Deeper, that not only install the apps, but also deposit a cryptocurrency miner on downloader’s systems. AppleInsider – Frontpage News

Video: Speed and resource testing Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on the Mac

Mozilla just released their new Firefox "Quantum" browser with new features including built-in screenshots, a save-for-later feature named Pocket, and a Library that holds all of your pocket saves, bookmarks, browsing history, screenshots and downloads in one spot. AppleInsider compares the new release with Safari, and Google’s Chrome. AppleInsider – Frontpage News

Review: Safari 4 Web browser

If you want the fastest browser on the Mac, Safari 4.0 is the hands-down winner. It lacks the endless flexibility of Firefox’s plug-ins, and it’s far less svelte than its rival browsers, but Safari combines raw power and a thoughtful, well-crafted interface to give Mac users the best user experience. More: continued here

Why no iPhone support for Firefox mobile beta?

The beta version is still slow and has a ways to go before it can compete with Apple’s iPhone-ized Safari browser, but these are forgivable shortcomings, given its beta status.No, the real problem with Fennec is that it’s available only for one platform: Nokia’s N810 Internet Tablet. Who cares about that device? More: continued here

Google Chrome on hand for Macs “First half of of 2009”

Mac users will get their first style of a Google-developed various to incumbent browsers similar to Safari and Firefox when the hunt large releases Chrome for Mac someday all through the “first 1/2” of this 12 months. more: continued right here

Browser Privacy Test

lazyforker writes “A NYTimes blog post reports the results of security researcher Kate McKinley’s tests of various browsers’ (FireFox, Chrome, IE, Safari) privacy protection mechanisms. Specifically she tested their cookie handling. She also examined their handling of Flash’s cookies. In summary: Safari on Mac OS X (in the “private browsing” mode) is not so private […]

iPhone copy/paste between Safari and Mail with pastebud

Starting tomorrow (12/12) we’ll be able to copy and paste text on the iPhone between Safari and Mail, or between 2 web pages. And, it doesn’t require any software to be installed, or the iPhone to be tampered with. It works by using 2 Java bookmarklets provided by pastebud. There’s a video of it in […]

No habrá Firefox para iPhone

El director de ingeniería móvil de Mozilla, Christian Sejersen, confirmó que no se desarollará una versión móvil de Firefox para iPhone, esto debido a ciertos motivos en cuanto al sistema de distribución de software que utiliza Apple. El motivo principal es que Apple no permite aplicaciones de terceros, es decir que los desarrolladores utilicen funcionalidades […]

Firefox 3.0.2 (build 6) Update

Hace unos minutos Firefox lanzó la última versión de su web browser, Firefox 3.0.2. Para los que lo usen pueden hacerle updates. Este update mejora y arregla algunos issues encontrados en Firefox 3.0.1. como: Fixed several security issues. Fixed several stability issues. Fixed a number of minor issues with the layout of certain web pages. […]

Mozilla provides privateness mode to Firefox three.1 plans

the company is on course to ship a privateness mode to Firefox 3.1 that may discard all cookies bought right through a looking session, no longer auto-fill passwords, and not record web sites visited within the browser’s historical past. more: continued right here