Apple Watch fall detection helps 87-year-old woman call emergency services after car accident

With the Apple Watch Series 4’s ECG functionality having proven to be incredibly useful for many people, it’s easy to forget about the device’s fall detection feature as well. An 87-year-old woman in Maine is now crediting that feature with helping her after a car accident. more… The post Apple Watch fall detection helps 87-year-old […]

New video tests Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection with varying results

One of the Apple Watch Series 4 features Apple touted on stage last week was fall detection. With this featured enabled, the Apple Watch can detect when you’ve fallen and offer to call emergency services. A new video takes a (less-than-scientific) look at just how well the feature works. more… The post New video tests […]

Apple patent uses depth maps for smart facial detection, bolsters iPhone 8 rumors

Apple on Tuesday was awarded a patent covering the detection of human faces in digital video feeds by leveraging depth map information, technology that could be a building block of a face-based bio-recognition system rumored to debut with this year’s iPhone. AppleInsider – Frontpage News