Mac Mini Teardown reveals doable for user-Installable second laborious drive

just like the MacBook Air the day past, iFixit has also conducted a teardown of the new Mac mini. while the internals are similar to the previous generation, the teardown does expose that customers might be able to install a 2d onerous power on their own if a proper cable can be found. the potential […]

find out how to change Between multiple Google money owed easily On One Browser

The Google spaceship seems to be altering and tweaking elements on a daily basis – and as of late isn’t any exception. Mat Honan over at Gizmodo has realized that it’s now not imaginable to log into two or more Google debts concurrently – which can also be beautiful counterproductive for individuals who run more […]

Cirrus common sense experienced manufacturing issues With parts for Apple software?

Dow Jones Newswires reports that Cirrus good judgment, Apple’s lengthy-time supplier for audio chips in its iOS devices, has disclosed manufacturing considerations with a brand new software, presumed to be an Apple product, that went into excessive-extent production remaining mo… extra: persevered here

Apple has enough iPad 2 elements to maintain production for two-3 weeks

Apple, along with its Taiwanese manufacturing associate Foxconn, has stockpiled enough elements to proceed to collect new iPad 2s for no less than every other 2 to a few weeks before they’d face a stockout that will halt manufacturing must the location in Japan no longer strengthen, in line with a published file. extra: persisted […]

document small print iPad 2 components liable to Shortages Following jap Earthquake

IHS iSuppli these days issued a report detailing five parts of the iPad 2 which might be sourced from jap suppliers, indicating that they may see shortages in the wake of the japanese earthquake that has shut down numerous manufacturing f… extra: persisted here

jap disaster may leave Apple with shortage of 5 key iPad 2 parts

funding and research companies this week proceed with their efforts to quantify the impact the contemporary jap earthquake may have on Apple and its capacity to manufacture its top-selling products, with the newest report choosing five core iPad 2 components probably sourced from the region. extra: persevered right here

iPad 2 may just Face supply Woes After eastern Quake

iSuppli, the corporate answerable for thorough product teardowns of Apple products, reported Thursday that the japanese earthquake could have an effect on iPad 2 supply quantity, given that at the least five parts from that instrument are likely sourced from japanese suppliers, including just a few arduous-to-exchange parts. extra: persisted right here

Apple’s Flash lockout is hurting Adobe

Sure, you can use Flash and HTML 5 graphic components in tandem in a way that would show up fine on Apple devices. But why bother? It costs extra money, and the two scripting languages are increasingly similar in their capabilities to deliver very rich, browser-based content including multimedia and mini-applications. More: continued here

Metal Frame of Next iPhone 4G / HD in Pictures

This is now becoming a norm isn’t it? Some new pictures of the next iPhone are now floating around the web sphere, showing the metal frame which Apple has used to house the main interior components of this high profile gadget. This is basically that middle unibody piece which will have glass (or plastic) top […]

Apple iPad utilization guide & repair tips

Carrying and managing iPad : iPad comprises delicate components. don’t drop, disassemble, open, crush, bend, deform, puncture, shred, microwave, incinerate, paint, or insert overseas objects into iPad.fending off Water and wet places : do not use iPad in rain, or near washbasins or other moist areas. Take care to not spill any food or liquid […]

Apple Patent Could Ease 911 Cellphone Calls

The process would do a variety of things. First off, it would disable “non-essential hardware components” and applications on the phone, reduce power to the screen (i.e., it would get darker) and potentially reduce the phone’s processor speed. It also would make it harder to disconnect the call and enable “emergency phrase buttons” on the […]