Poll: Are you buying the new in-ear AirPods Pro with noise cancellation?

Apple today officially announced its new AirPods Pro. Packing noise cancellation, water and sweat-resistance, and more, there’s a lot to like about Apple’s latest AirPods. Are you buying Apple’s new AirPods Pro? more… The post Poll: Are you buying the new in-ear AirPods Pro with noise cancellation? appeared first on 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac

Are you waiting for the HomePod or buying another smart speaker instead? [Poll]

Last week, Apple announced that it was delaying the release of its HomePod smart speaker into 2018 in order to continue refining the product. Of course, that means Apple will miss the biggest shopping month of the year, but it will likely be worth the wait. We outlined a few alternatives to the HomePod over […]

Sketchy Japanese stats suggest majority of early adopters of iPhone SE buying on price

Analysis of retailer data in Japan indicates that early buyers of the iPhone SE are favoring the 16GB model over the 64GB one, suggesting that the majority are buying on price. Life science researcher Naofumi Kagami says that this is particularly interesting as you’d expect early sales to be skewed towards early adopters, who tend to […]

Apple introduces automated buying and improved customer targeting for iTunes Radio ads

Advertisers looking to make automated ad purchases on Apple’s iTunes Radio platform will finally be able to do so thanks to changes the company is rolling out now. While in-app iAds have been available for automated targeting for some time now, audio ads that run on free iTunes Radio accounts have always only been available […]