Kodak Faces any other Polaroid moment in Apple, RIM Dispute

A ruling lately on whether or not Apple and RIM violated a patent held with the aid of Kodak may add greater than $1 billion in revenue to the digital camera company’s bottom line. it is a choice that could have a major impact on the corporate’s future. extra: persisted right here

Microphone differences discovered Between Wi-Fi and 3G iPad 2 fashions

iPad 2 microphones: 3G (prime) vs. Wi-Fi (bottom)iLounge stories that it has found out variations in the quality of sound captured with the aid of the microphones on various Wi-Fi and 3G-capable models of the iPad 2, with the Wi-Fi-handiest models dem… extra: endured right here

Apple’s Message to Publishers: content is King

This week Apple caused a storm via asserting their new iOS App retailer terms and prerequisites for publishers. In a nutshell; lengthy-awaited in-app subscriptions are here, and publishers are involved about their bottom lines. but maybe what they will have to be serious about is content material. extra: persevered right here

Supersoftware Releases “JamTrack” for iPhone App that makes it easy to create music

Supersoftware (Tokyo, Japan)  announces the release of its new “JamTrack” App for the iPhone and iPod touch. iPhone app “JamTrack” is a step sequencer that you can easily compose, arrange, and performe your own music by using five tracks with Drumkit, Bass, Piano, Guitar and Brass. It’s possible to turn your ideas into music quickly […]

Iphone Cell Phone, Running Android

Iphone Cell Phone, runstar for Android phones free from the Android Market), an app that lets users track their run stats using GPS, is one app that absolutely lives up to expectations even in spite of its current limitations. Shown in Verizon commercials advertising the Motorola Droid. this app excels when compared to similar apps […]

Steve Jobs: There Are No Reception Issues

Allow me to make the official introductions: Steve Jobs, meet Apple’s PR department. Apple’s PR department, meet your boss. On Friday, Apple confirmed user complaints about reception problems with the new iPhone 4, cautioning that signal degradation might occur if users gripped the bottom-left corner of the device in a certain way. More: continued here

Customer service survey puts AT&T at bottom of carrier heap

The words “mobile carrier” and “customer satisfaction” aren’t often used in the same sentence, and that’s especially true when it comes to the iPhone. ChangeWave Research’s latest consumer survey ranks AT&T, the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the US, last of the four major US carriers for customer satisfaction and percentage of dropped calls. ChangeWave’s […]

Preview: OddBlob – Claymation Fun Coming Soon

OddBlob is a neat little arcade game with a groovy little clay dude, that is coming soon to an App Store near you. Oddblob loves to bounce, and it’s your goal to control his bouncing guiding him from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen. Oddblob can move in every direction […]

Power A’s New Case Turns Your iPhone Into A Universal Remote

Power A has unveiled its new iPhone Universal Remote Case that works together with a free app to help you take control of nearly every infrared-controlled device in your home. The two-piece $60 case does away with the dongle (like the L5 Remote uses) by embedding the infrared blaster in the bottom portion of the […]

Apple Scores Top & Bottom of Energy Efficient Computer Scale

Apple Computer has the most- and least-efficient computers on the market, according to rankings released by the website sust-it.net. Across three categories — laptops, desktops and all-in-ones — Apple scores at or near the top of the list, and is also at the bottom of the list for its desktops and all-in-one iMac. More: continued […]

New Jailbreaking tools for iPhones running version 2.2 from the Dev Team

The Dev Team once again launches a tool to jailbreak the latest iPhone or iPod Touch upgrade, this time version 2.2, which is a few days old. There are some advices about how to apply this new hack: • If you have a 3G iPhone and want potential soft unlock in the near future do […]

LEGO beer-pouring robot controlled by iPhone

LEGO beer-pouring robot controlled by iPhone Am I a beer geek, or a geek who loves beer? Both, I guess. Here’s an interesting mash-up of technology: LEGO Mindstorms, iPhone, and Pownce. Primitive, yes, but geeks love to make iterative improvements to things. A year from now someone will have something really impressive. (via Switched) Tags: […]

The unstated financial savings of iPhone

we know concerning the core options of iPhone (the underside row of the home monitor)—cellphone (duh), Mail, Safari (the iPhone’s web browser), and iPod (which handles audio, video, photos, etc.). however, I’m at all times discovering additional makes use of for my iPhone. I simply needed to share some of the merchandise I’ll never have […]