New report shows the extent of Apple’s relationship w/ disgraced health blogger Belle Gibson

Apple once had a close relationship with Belle Gibson, a now-disgraced fitness and health blogger who claimed to have cured her cancer with lifestyle and other wellness improvements. A new report from Australian news site The Age dives deeper into the connections between Apple and Gibson, as seen with the marketing for her ‘The Whole […]

iPad 2 for trip

nationwide Geographic journey blogger Mary Anne Potts writes that iPad 2 is remodeling trip with its smaller size, sooner performance, tough battery lifestyles, front and back cameras, and a slew of innovative trip apps. After editing her own commute video with the brand new iMovie app (“optimized for iPad and really easy to use”), Potts […]

Further Checks: Leaked iPhone A Testbed, Has Ceramic Back

The now widespread leaked new iPhone received additional confirmation tonight from tech writer John Gruber. After contacting sources, the historically accurate blogger now believes the device is an authentic test mule that was simply lost. The situation may be urgent as the iPhone is “a unit Apple is very interested in getting back” the writer […]

The 6 Best and Worst Fake Apple Tablet Ads (Videos)

Steve Jobs is rehearsing his pitch in the mirror. Bloggers are already at their keyboards. Today, after years of speculation, Apple will unveil its new tablet device, unofficially nicknamed the iPad. Here are the 6 best — and worst — of the fake iPad ads. More: continued here

Apple voids Applecare warranty for smokers! – Computerworld

Apple has been accused of voiding two customers’ Applecare warranty because their Macs were used by smokers. Apple says it’s worried about the health and safety of its technicians, but in IT Blogwatch, bloggers roll up that argument and set fire to it. (AAPL) More: continued here

Apple shovelware problems again

The Apple Software Update program has again come under fire for pushing unnecessary software on users. This time, it’s the iPhone Configuration Utility 2.1, which reportedly includes a personal Web server. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ask if Apple will ever learn some manners or even grok the meaning of “attack surface”. More: continued here

Critics call shenanigans after Apple, AT&T letters to FCC

Everyone is puzzling over Apple and AT&T’s letters to the FCC about the apparent rejection of a Google Voice iPhone app. What matters the most, of course, is not what bloggers and pollsters think, but what the FCC thinks about what AT&T and Apple claim they did or did not do with Google Voice. More: […]

Blogger errors Onion Parody for actual ‘Macbook Wheel’ [PIC]

A testament to The Onion’s parodying abilities, a blogger thought that their humorous document on the fictional Macbook Wheel to be actual and reblogged the report. The article has been taken down but here is a picture of the unique. extra: persisted here

Example of Psychographic Blog Analysis – launch of iPhone 3G

Psychographic segmentation of blogs helps PR professionals measure and evaluate the effectiveness of communication in the blogosphere. Here is a short example of how a launch of a consumer product, Apples iPhone 3G, can be analyzed using psychographics. This is of course most interesting when the marketers wants to use bloggers for word-of-mouth and optimize […]

Apple’s “Brick” a Home Theater PC For the Masses

There has been a bit of talk on potential new Apple “Brick”. More than one blogger suggesting that Apple might be planning a new low-cost desktop; something that would knock some of the stuffing out of the low-cost Hackintosh products that have been hitting the market. I disagree with this theory, and am thinking more […]

paiTouch Boob Sim: For those feeling a little…lonely

Sure, the iPhone is a failure in Japan. But Japanese blogger technohippy has found a use for the device with the development of paiTouch (“Pai” being short for “Oppai,” which means “boob”). With paiTouch, users can pull, smush, poke, or do whatever else they please with a virtual boob. This is the third generation of […]