photos of iPhone 4S/5 good judgment Board counsel A5 Processor

A website by using the name of AppleLeaks nowadays posted photographs of what is claimed to be the logic board from a next-technology iPhone version. The file is unsure about whether or not the board is from an upgraded iPhone 5 edition or a cheaper “iPhone 4S” version Apple can also be mentioned to be planning to launch, however the images do add extra element to the picture that’s starting to come back collectively.

comparing the images to those of the common sense boards for the CDMA and GSM iPhone 4 models as viewed in teardowns by means of iFixit (see steps thirteen and 14), it is interesting to notice that this new good judgment board contains a kind issue extra similar to that of the CDMA iPhone 4 but with a SIM-card slot additionally squeezed onto the board. That inclusion of the SIM-card slot on the new common sense board has resulted in a reshuffling of the chip locations on the entrance of the board, while the again aspect continues to be somewhat similar to the CDMA iPhone 4 good judgment board.

entrance of CDMA (top) and GSM (backside) iPhone 4 good judgment boards (source: iFixit)
significantly, the somewhat massive house on the front of the good judgment board designed to deal with the principle processor for the tool is rectangular in nature on the brand new board, suggesting that it is designed for the rectangular A5 gadget-on-a-chip found within the iPad 2 relatively than the square A4 chip found in the iPhone four and unique iPad. Apple is in fact anticipated to make use of the A5 within the iPhone 5, but there was some question as as to if Apple would step as much as the A5 for its cheaper iPhone 4S variation or continue to make use of the A4 so as to grasp prices down.

The iPhone 5 is anticipated to be a “world-mode” telephone able to working on each GSM and CDMA networks. The presence of a SIM-card slot on the new good judgment board does certainly ascertain GSM compatibility for this instrument, whether or not it’s an iPhone 5 or 4S, and CDMA compatibility would come from the inclusion of a specific chip assisting the dual requirements. this kind of chip from Qualcomm is already used on the CDMA iPhone four, but lodging for a similar chip on this new common sense board can not be tested given that the board is unlabeled.

probably the most extra prominent variations in the real common sense board kind issue between the GSM and CDMA iPhone four is a semicircular cutout at the bottom of the board. That cutout fits across the new circular vibrator used in the CDMA model, a exchange from the vibrator used within the GSM model. The presence of the cutout on this new logic board means that Apple will continue to make use of the round vibrator discovered within the CDMA iPhone 4.

AppleLeaks additionally posts of the battery for the iPhone4S/5, in step with pictures from different sources seen several times earlier this week.

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