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subsequent-generation iPhone said to use S5L8950X software Processor, Unknown SGX543 photos Variant


9to5Mac reports that it has more important points on the subsequent-era iPhone, receiving some knowledge from a source with get right of entry to to a prototype of the instrument and different data from a construct of iOS 6 mentioned to be focused on the approaching device. among the many highlights:

– small print in the iOS 6 beta point out that the following-era iPhone will run an application processor identified as S5L8950X. That processor originally showed up in iOS 5.1 betas alongside the S5L8945X that arrived in the type of the A5X in the present iPad. however while the idea had been that the S5L8950X would be launched to the public as part of an A6 gadget-on-a-chip, lately’s record indicates that it’s nonetheless internally being known as a part of the A5 household.

– On the pics aspect, imagination applied sciences is once once more said to be supplying the chip, which is at the moment being known as SGX543RC*. The identifier appears to be a code title given that it does no longer correlate with any authentic versions of the SGX543 platform. imagination technologies presented the multi-core SGX543 design in early 2009, with Apple the usage of the dual-core SGX543MP2 in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S while stepping up to the quad-core SGX543MP4 to drive the Retina show on the present iPad.

– The iOS 6 build is operating on a Darwin kernel model of, above the 11.x.x used in OS X Lion and iOS 5 and even the 12.0.0 model considered in OS X Mountain Lion.

– Following up on secret agent photographs of the iOS 6 Maps app that appeared prior this week, these days’s document offers any other such shot, even if the design is claimed to still be subject to tweaking.

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