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Installous Troll Bridge query

Kyek modified a Greasemonkey plugin to let you see if an IPA hyperlink used to be lifeless prior to you clicked it. the unique plugin was the ________ links Checker.
solution: Cavern

You ssh to your phone and decide to rename “documents” to “other crap”. sort the command to do it, with out using prices.
resolution: mv documents different Crap

They need to do way _________ mother.
answer: instain

You’re connected to our IRC server. to sign up for our room,what would you sort?
answer: /join #chatulous

What German publication ran a two-page characteristic on in September? (It looks like a typo… however it’s now not!)
solution: laptop magazin

I made a job checklist on employ-a-coder for anyone to make an knockoff for my web site. Kyek frequent the job below any other identify and pwned me :( . however we’re cool now. Who am I?

You ssh to your telephone and decide to rename “paperwork” to “other crap”. type the command to do it, with out the usage of charges.
resolution: mv paperwork different Crap

I made a job listing on employ-a-coder for anyone to make an Appulous knockoff for my website. Kyek typical the job under any other identify and pwned me :(. but we’re cool now. Who am I?
answer: pr0x

This website online made a foul knockoff of Appulous to check out to get hits, but ended up getting DDoSed unless they took it down. It’s
resolution: imodzone

ahead of Genius’ Hackulous tag stated “Root Admin”, what did it say?
answer: President

who is the cracker most credited with discovering the cracking way we use these days? any person who answers this is superb.
resolution: LSEMTEX

The very first public discussion board dedicated particularly to iphone app cracking was once hosted at ______.c
answer: haklabs

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This area title bought common when the website online admin began bunding IPA files into torrents and advertised his website in them.

If the Permissions are r-xrwxrwx, who cant write?
resolution: proprietor

Who leaked the original Crackulous supply code?
resolution: cdecl

To whom did SaladFork turn over the Crackulous project?
resolution: `Angel

who’s the cracker most credited with discovering the cracking manner we use nowadays
solution: labrat

My name was once Omgwtf. Who am I now?
answer: Saladfork

You ssh into your cellphone and wish to make a symlink from “cow” to “hen”. sort the command.
solution: Ln -s cow chicken

i have two Hackulous money owed: My primary one, and one I made just for fun. Which is the latter?
resolution: THEPOET used to be a two-man group Wyze and …….?
answer: Scuzzy19

Who wrote the code that powered
answer: wyze

What mother or father company hosted
resolution: ovh

I wrote this command-line app to take revenge on these looking to promote cracked apps.
solution: Grabulous

I was once a part of the crew that found out learn how to crack apps. My name is ________-fr.
resolution: iceman

Who was the primary particular person to begin mass-cracking “self-aware” apps?
solution: panik

Who did Labrat try to con into writing a personal Appulous clone for his web page?
answer: andydam

‘Salad fork is reasonably _______ ‘ ?
resolution: forky

What feature of PHP 5.3 does Appulous make the most use of in itsdatabase gadget?
answer: Late static binding

The Appulous check servers, on which new backend code and server configs are examined semi-publicly before shifting to manufacturing, are supplied by means of what firm?
resolution: Amazon

B00sted4fun’s Russian repo was hosted with the aid of what firm
resolution: Dreamhost

What was once the name of the app written particularly for downloading and putting in IPAs from the b00sted4fun repository, and who wrote it? resolution in the format “APPNAME through author
answer: APPSHARE by means of FLAWLESS

Who ran the most a hit and largest IPA web site ahead of Appulous?
solution: B00sted4fun

When Appulous was tiny, it ran on a VPS supplied by using
resolution: bapshosting

I work for Apple’s regulation agency and had been looking to get Appulous shut down because the starting. I want I used to be better at my job 🙁 . What’s Kyek’s nickname for me?
answer: rammy

Who was once the admit of Hackstore?
answer: Labrat

What did appulous start off as _.web
answer: Geniusblog

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  1. Kyek modified a Greasemonkey plugin to allow you to see if an Appulous IPA link was dead before you clicked it. The original plugin was the ________ Links Checker.

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