Apple increases Mac prices in Malaysia, Norway, Brazil and New Zealand

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Update: Apple has also increased the price of Macs in Australia by AUD $ 80-$ 200, depending on the model. Mexico and Thailand have seen similar price increases, as well.

The same week as it increased the price of apps in Australia, Indonesia and Sweden, Apple today has raised the prices of its Mac line in a handful of countries. The company has increased the prices of its MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and Mac mini in Brazil, Norway, New Zealand, and Malaysia to account for the fluctuation of foreign currency against the United States dollar.

 The Mac mini now starts at NZ$ 899 in New Zealand, up from NZ$ 749. Likewise, the Mac Pro now starts at NZ$ 5,699.00, an increase from NZ$ 4,499.00. The MacBook Air now starts at NZ$ 1,599 and maxes out at NZ$ 2,199, up from NZ$ 1,399 and NZ$ 1,799, respectively. Finally, the MacBook Retina goes for NZ$ 2,399, up from NZ$ 1,999.

In Norway, the Retina MacBook pro now starts at kr 14 990,00, up from kr 12 590,00. In Malaysia, it starts at RM 5,899.00. In Brazil, the MacBook Air now runs from R$ 8.499,00 to R$ 11.499,00, an increase from R$ 5.899,00 and R$ 7.699,00 (via MR).

Apple adjusting the prices of its products to account for currency fluctuations is not out of the ordinary and is something that residents of non-U.S. nations have come to accept. Because the company reports its earnings in U.S. dollars, Apple commonly adjusts prices to make earnings reports easier and more comprehensible.

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