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Apple iLife ’08 Rapidshare


Apple iLife ’08 is already on the rapidshare. The new iPhoto ’08, iMovie ’08, GarageBand ’08, iWeb ’08, iDVD ’08 and .Mac Web Gallery together on Apple iLife ’08.

Just mount or burn .iso!

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  2. Single Layer DVD doesn’t work to me…
    Everything’s ok but when I select DVD to boot from, it won’t start install, just neverending boot.

  3. oi vey!! Seems this won’t work as Mac Zealot posted about. what to do….WHAT…TO…DO…? >_>

  4. is this needs a password?

  5. Works fine, thanks.

  6. Dont work!
    The custom installer says: your MACBOOKPRO doesn’t have 733hz Hahahahaha
    LOL installer

  7. Doesnt work… when try to extract it says ” you need to extract previous version to extract ”

    Dont even know what that means..

    Sigh.. people with bad archive.. tsk tsk

  8. Don’t know what the problem some of you are having.

    Sigh… ignorant pirates… tsk tsk

    Use unrarX and everything will work like it’s supposed to.

  9. I need a Serial number!

  10. Works perfectly fine. you can even register the product in your name 😉


  11. part 34 is not found can somebody reup part 34


  12. Not sure what happen with you guys, this one works well for me. No need to burn DVD. Just mount it on toast and there you go.
    Part 34 is fine. Thanks!

  13. funciona¡¡¡¡


  14. worked great! many thanks.


    pass: apple-ilife

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