Apple releases second Golden Master of upcoming OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Apple wasn’t kidding when it said that the first “Golden Master” of OS X Yosemite was a candidate. The Cupertino-company just issued OS X Yosemite GM 2.0 for developers, and it’s available in Software Update on the Mac App Store. Public Beta 5 is also out for those in the AppleSeed program. The new seed is […]

Apple Releases Second OS X Yosemite Golden Master Candidate to Developers, Public Beta 5

Apple today released a second golden master candidate of OS X Yosemite to developers, a week after releasing the first candidate golden master and the fourth public beta. Apple has also released the fifth public beta to those who signed up to beta test the new Mac OS. The latest Yosemite update, build 14A386a, can […]

Big time: 9 apps that take advantage of the iPhone 6 Plus screen

Living large Image by Apple Feel like stretching out those fingers a little? The new iPhone 6 Plus stands 6.22 inches tall and uses a 5.5-inch display that can give your digits a nice workout. Fortunately, several new apps do more than just stretch out to the new screen size—they sport refined interfaces and gestures […]

Review: Wunderlist 3 for iOS and OS X shines at delegation

To-do list apps have stiff competition, from the supremely sophisticated OmniFocus to the simple yet elegant Clear. But none seems to be as wildly popular as Wunderkinder’s Wunderlist (available for Mac and iOS), which even has Ira Glass singing its praises as his tool of choice. To read this article in full or to leave […]

Three theories why iOS 8 adoption is slow on the uptake

Nearly three weeks after Apple rolled out its latest mobile operating system, the company says less than half of visits to its App Store come from devices with iOS 8 installed. Just 47 percent have upgraded, while 47 percent are still running iOS 7 (and 6 percent are clinging to even earlier versions). These figures […]

KGI: GTAT bankruptcy unlikely to have impact on Apple Watch, future of sapphire iPhones uncertain

KGI has published a new report clarifying that the recent announcement that Apple’s sapphire supplier had filed for bankruptcy will likely have no impact on the production of the comapny’s sapphire display-equipped wearable. According to KGI, GT was mainly contracted to create the sapphire crystal displays for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The reason Apple partnered […]

Apple Faces Large Penalties In EU Tax Probe

First time accepted submitter chasm22 writes EU Regulators are apparently set to accuse Apple and the Irish government of entering into several sweetheart deals that left Apple with lower taxes than what it legally owed. If the ruling is upheld, Apple could owe billions in back taxes. Interestingly, it seems that the Irish government would […]

Tzukuri’s smart sunglasses send alerts when you’ve left them behind

A new company called Tzukuri claims to have created “unloseable” sunglasses, using tracking beacons embedded in the frame. The glasses use Apple’s iBeacon technology to pair with a nearby iPhone, letting the two devices communicate over Bluetooth LE. As users move farther away from the glasses, they receive a series of three iPhone notifications in […]

Having problems connecting your Belkin router to the Internet? (They’re fixed)

Is your Belkin router suddenly not connecting to the Internet? If so, there may be a relatively simply fix that will solve the problem. For some unknown reason—most likely a firmware update, but this hasn’t yet been confirmed—several models of Belkin routers have simply started refusing to connect to the Internet. A Reddit thread on […]

iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Best Brand?

iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Any Suggestions? What is the best brand of the iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector? I’m thinking about the YGDZ Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 6 4.7 Inch- Protect Your Screen from Scratches and Drops – Maximize Your Resale Value – 99.99% Clarity and Touchscreen Accuracy: […]

iOS Trojan Targets Hong Kong Protestors

First time accepted submitter Kexel writes Security researchers have claimed to discover the first Apple iOS Trojan attack in a move to thwart the communications of pro-democracy Hong Kong activists. From the article: “The malicious software, known as Xsser, is capable of stealing text messages, photos, call logs, passwords and other data from Apple mobile […]