Apple Confirms Purchase of Beats For $3 Billion

SimonTheSoundMan writes: “Apple has confirmed it will buy Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion. Apple will make the purchase using $2.6 billion in cash and $400 million in stock. An important part of the acquisition for Apple is absorbing the Beats subscription streaming service, even though it only has about 110k users. The […]

Report: Apple To Unveil "Smart Home" System

An anonymous reader writes “According to a report Apple will be unveiling a new smart home system at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. The system will allow users to control security systems, appliances and lighting with their iPhones. A “select number” of device makers will be certified to offer products that work with Apple’s upcoming […]

Google Releases VirusTotal Uploader For OS X

An anonymous reader writes “Google today announced the release of VirusTotal Uploader for OS X, allowing Mac users to upload suspicious files for scanning. You can download it now directly for OS X 10.8 and 10.9 from VirusTotal. For those who don’t know, VirusTotal Uploader for Windows is a popular tool for submitting suspicious files […]

After Knocked-Down Damages Claim, Apple Again Seeks to Ban Some Samsung Phones

Bloomberg reports that after Apple’s patent victory in court last week over smart-phone rival Samsung, Apple is seeking a sales ban on several specific phones from Samsung; none of them are currently flagship devices. “The nine devices targeted by Cupertino, California-based Apple for a U.S. sales ban include the Admire, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy […]

Google Overtakes Apple As the World’s Most Valuable Brand

mrspoonsi (2955715) writes in with news that global market research agency Millward Brown has proclaimed Google as the world’s most valuable brand. “US search engine Google has overtaken rival technology titan Apple as the world’s top brand in terms of value, global market research agency Millward Brown said Wednesday. Google’s brand value shot up 40 […]

Apple VP Lisa Jackson talks environmental initiatives, plans to get renewable energy in retail to 100% (Video)

Apple’s Lisa Jackson, who joined Apple in June last year to oversee environmental issues from her previous position as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, sat down for an interview this week with Fortune. As you’d expect, the topic of conversation was all things environmental issues at Apple and Jackson talks about many of the […]

Apple Planning Expansion to Seven-Building Sunnyvale Campus

Apple has agreed to lease a new seven-building campus in Sunnyvale, CA, where it could move up to 1,450 employees, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Image via San Jose Mercury News In the most recent expansion, Apple intends to occupy a 290,000-square-foot office complex known as Sunnyvale Crossing that is near the corner […]

iMacompanion Adds An Accessible USB 3.0 Port To Your iMac

 iMacompanion already ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of their USB extender for iMacs, which brings a port to the front where it’s useful instead of hidden around back where it’s beautiful but not exactly accessible. Now, they’re going back to the crowdfunding well to fund the creation of a USB 3.0 […]

OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 arrives with better 4K display support, USB synching with iOS

Nearly three months since the last update, Apple released OS X version 10.9.3 on Thursday. According to Apple’s own support page detailing the changes, the software provides a better 4K scaling experience on both the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro with 15-inch Retina Display computers. That’s assuming you own a 4K […] More: continued here

Blurry Text on the Macbook Pro with Retina Display

With more than 5 million pixels packed into a 15.4-inch display, the MacBook Pro with Retina display has raised the bar for its competitors, making everything on the screen more vibrant and sharper than ever. Everything should look better on 2880 × 1800 pixels, but here’s where we face a problem: third-party apps now look […]

Apple Forging Deals with ISPs to Bolster Delivery of iTunes, Apps, and iCloud Content to Users

Apple is moving forward on plans to develop its own content delivery network (CDN), reports well-known CDN and Internet Services analyst Dan Rayburn (via Ars Technica). The Cupertino company is reportedly negotiating deals with Internet Service Providers in order to ensure the efficient delivery of content to its customers. Apple may control the media for […]

The 25 Best iPad Games

[UPDATED] Loading up your iPad with games isn’t difficult, but filling each page and folder with the best the App Store has to offer can be a challenging endeavor. Luckily, we’re here to ease that process with our list of the 25 best iPad games, a varied and regularly updated selection of the top tablet experiences […]

Apple Predicted to Adopt NFC in iPhone 6 as Core Technology for Mobile Payments System

Rumors of Apple incorporating near field communication (NFC) technology into the iPhone have become a yearly ritual, but Morgan Stanley analysts believe that Apple may finally be poised to adopt the technology as part of a push to break open the mobile payments industry. In a recent note to investors, analyst Craig Hettenbach points to […]