Verizon iPhone Seen as ‘Unlikely’ From Apple in 2010

Despite a new claim that Apple is working on a CDMA-capable iPhone for the Verizon network in the U.S., one prominent analyst has said such a move is “unlikely” to happen this year. n his latest note to investors issued on Tuesday, analyst Maynard J. Um with UBS Investment Research acknowledged a report from The […]

Your iPad Is Just Miles Away – Waiting For You To Break It Out

The wait for your iPad is getting intolerable? Frustrating? It’s only about to get worse.As I was reading about the customs trickeries Apple apparently uses to prevent its products from being delivered before launch date, I IM’d Trevor to inquire about the status of his own unit.Quite unexpectedly, it took some advanced negotiation techniques and […]

iPad Exclusive: Unofficial Flickr App Approved

The first unofficial flickr app, flickr Photos, has been approved and will be available for download on day one of the iPad App Store. Even though this is not an official app by Yahoo, nor do they endorse it, it still looks like a good substitute, and should at least hold us over in the […]

Why the iPad isn’t going to be a “library-killer”

If Steve Jobs has seen the future then the future is not a library but a digital bookshelf from which one purchases an e-book and reads it on a 9.56-inch by 7.47-inch multi-touch screen. But, as exciting as the iPad is, there’s something libraries have going for them that gives them an edge… More: continued […]

Forward-Thinking: Seton Hill University To Give Out iPads To All Its Students

There are a whole bunch of students working at AppAdvice, including myself, and if there is one thing we definitely all agree on about the iPad, it is that it should be a damn neat device for college.Indeed, not only it will spare you the burden of carrying heavy books and fighting with printouts, but […]

Strip Designer: Bring Your Pictures To Life With Fun Photo Comic Strips

Now that you’ve taken all of those photos with your iPhone, sharing them with friends is the logical next step. Sure, you can email them out or just post them to Facebook but if you’re looking for a creative way to wow your friends and have some fun while doing it, check out the comic […]

New Round Of Wild Speculations: HD iPhone, Multitasking & Verizon Coming June 22nd

We’ve been getting quite a flow of concerned emails and comments these days worrying that our love for the iPhone shifted to the iPad. Relax, our hearts are big enough for both you, iPhone users. and your little (big) iPad brothers.Anyway, the iPhone is back to being the center of attention today thanks to a […]

WSJ: Apple ‘developing new iPhone,’ plus another for Verizon

You heard right, folks — according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently “developing a new iPhone to debut this summer,” and as if that weren’t enough, it’s also “working on another model for US mobile phone operator Verizon Wireless.” More: continued here

Appisode 99: iPad News Roundup, Slacker Radio Plus Winners Announced, And A Golfing Giveaway

If you missed anything last week, now is the time to catch up. I’m going to give a quick rundown of everything iPad we know so far. Slacker Radio Plus winners announced along with the winner of that extra cool Wrapsol Ultra Protective skin! App of the Day: 365 Golf LessonsRelated PostsBento For iPad: Project […]

iAd: Apple to Launch New Mobile Ad Platform? [RUMOR]

A new report suggests that Apple is poised to launch its own mobile ad platform – dubbed iAd – on April 7th. According to Mediapost, Apple is close to unveiling a personalized advertising experience based on technology from Quattro Wireless, which Apple acquired 2 months ago. More: continued here

Over 100 Apps & Counting: The Ultimate List Of Approved iPad Apps

Thanks to the dedication and passion of an entire community of developers, the iPad App Store, which Apple will launch this Saturday, will come packed with tons of new apps for you to enjoy.To make the wait smoother; hype you up; or maybe even influence your purchase decision, we managed to put together a comprehensive […]

Browser All-In-One Stands For iPhone Browsing On Steroids

Mobile Safari on the iPhone is by most accounts one of the best mobile browsers out there, but it’s not the only alternative. While Apple doesn’t allow other browser on its store by definition, it does allow however developers to take advantage of Safari and work around it to make their own enhanced alternatives, and […]

iPad Preview : Music Composition With Pianist Pro

Music lovers shopping the App Store back in its grand opening in the summer of 2008 may have come across a great piano simulator from MooCowMusic called Pianist. Using the iPhone’s touch screen interface and sampling notes from all 88 keys, wannabe musician’s could tote a portable keyboard in their pocket and compose on the […]