Apple’s $600 Mac Mini Costs Nearly $400 to Make

An Apple Mac Mini desktop was the latest victim to go under the iSuppli screwdriver for a teardown, and what the company found inside added up to approximately $376.20 — or $387.14 after manufacturing costs. With an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Nvidia graphics, the Mac Mini has some bang for the buck. More: […]

Steve Jobs Officially Back to Work As Apple’s CEO

Steve Jobs is officially back to work today, according to Apple spokespeople. “Officially” is the key word here, as the “unofficial” return of Jobs from a liver transplant came last week, when the Apple founder was quoted in a press release about the iPhone 3GS’ massive first weekend of sales. More: continued here

Apple runs short of iPhones

The iPhone availability widget is back — new and improved — and it’s showing spot shortages of selected iPhones at Apple stores across the United States.The availability tool, which appears on Apple’s website in times of scarcity, was last seen in the summer of 2008, when demand for the iPhone 3G was heavy and supplies […]

iPhone 3GS Is Jailbreakable. Does it Matter?

The hack masters at the iPhone Dev Team earlier today announced the iPhone 3GS is officially jailbreakable. The news comes less than a week after Apple released the latest iteration of its wonder gadget featuring new toys like video capability and a digital compass. More: continued here

Five Things Missing From The iPhone 3GS

Not to say that the iPhone 3GS isn’t good. In fact, this new model is among the best handsets on the market today. Still, the 3GS’s combination of hardware and software continues to miss the mark in a few critical areas, and these deficiencies prevent the iPhone from leaping far ahead the competition. More: continued […]