Apple briefs group of workers on wi-fi iPhone movie and television downloads

The iPhone three.0 operating system free up will include new beef up for direct downloads of movie and television content from the iTunes retailer, consistent with folks familiar with Apple’s inside training materials. more: continued here

AT&T details 7.2Mbps 3G upgrade likely made for iPhone

AT&T today explained some of the key details behind a planned upgrade for its 3G network, including improvements to the infrastructure underneath. The carrier now says it plans to start upgrading its network to 7.2Mbps HSPA this year and is likely pushing the upgrade for the next iPhone’s video uploading feature. More: continued here

Need A Witty “App For That” Phrase? There’s An App For That

App For That, is a website that gives you a series of user submitted “App For That” jokes, which you can vote on, tweet out, email, etc. The service looks like the iPhone’s text app, with submissions written in chat bubbles. Below that is a submission form for your own jokes. More: continued here

iTunes May Form an Alliance with Sirius

Speculation has been that Sirius XM would wait until early June to introduce its new iPhone and iPod application. Investors need wait no more, for the day is finally here! What is most interesting is that this application seems to not be part of a single Sirius XM application, but rather as exclusive content to […]

Apple changes it mind, accepts Eucalyptus app

Recently, Apple rejected the iPhone app Eucalyptus entry into the company’s App Store. The reason: the e-book reader, which can search the 20,000-plus item classic library of Project Gutenberg, “contains inappropriate sexual content” by allowing access to works such as The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana… More: continued here