JavaScript 3-10x Faster On iPhone OS 3.0

There has been a reasonable amount of speculation surrounding JavaScript speed improvements in iPhone 3.0. Testing carried out on the iPhone Simulator bundled with the SDK didn’t lead to a conclusive outcome, but benchmarking done by Wayne Pan would seem to suggest that iPhone 3.0 handles JavaScript 3x-10x faster than iPhone 2.1. More: continued here

Pirates get bricked iPhones after downloading 3.0 beta

When the iPhone 3.0 beta software that was supposed to be available exclusively to developer subscribers leaked onto Torrent sites, pirates smiled. But Apple had the last laugh because the software holds your iPhone hostage until you register for a dev account. More: continued here

Apple announces WWDC 2009 dates

Here we go: Apple’s just announced that its Worldwide Developers Conference will take place June 8-12 in San Francisco. If you’ll recall, last year’s WWDC was where a little gadget called the iPhone 3G made its appearance, and we’d say chances are good we’ll see new hardware this year as wel More: continued here

Apple iPhone to Become Your New Medical Buddy

Apple’s announcement last week of a new operating system for the iPhone – iPhone OS 3.0. Aside from being your mobile business assistant, the iPhone may also become your medical assistant in the near future. Two of the more interesting applications are for blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring. More: continued here

Pwn2Own contest winner: Macs are safer than Windows

Charlie Miller, the security expert who won both this and last year’s CanSecWest Pwn2Own security contests by exploiting Macs running Safari, repeated in an interview that he’d recommend Macs to typical users as a safer alternative to Windows PCs. More: continued here