Blu-Ray licensing gets easier, will Apple be tempted?

Sony, Philips, and Panasonic announced on Thursday that companies wishing to manufacture Blu-ray devices will now only need to attain a single license in order to do so. That’s a pretty big deal considering that 18 separate companies currently hold Blu-ray patents. Does this mean that we can soon expect Apple to start shipping Macs […]

Apple Mobile Devices Support First Real-time Virtual Art Gallery

Speaking of iPhone art (see our colleague Nicole Martinelli’s post following this one),, developers of several popular Apple iPod Touch and iPhone apps, announced an ‘Emotional Networking’ wireless world art project Friday. is a web site which displays in real time, drawings being made by iPod Touch and iPhone users from around the […]

iPhone Perhaps Not a Failure in Japan, After All?

Image: Nobuyuki Hayashi The perception of iPhone as a “failure” in Japan is largely the result of what people read in newspapers, according to Nobuyki Hayashi, the Japanese journalist who was cited as a source in the Wired article we posted on late last night, and who put up a lengthy post of his own […]

Apple ramps up MacBook campaign; RIM folds on anti-Apple ad

Apple this week kicked its eco-friendly MacBook campaign into overdrive with new placements on network television and top-tier internet properties; meanwhile, Research in Motion considered taking a shot at Apple in a new television commercial but ultimately couldn’t bring itself to pull the trigger. More: continued here

Apple Kills AppStore Emoji Support

Apple issued a store-wide prohibition on all AppStore support for Emoji Friday, according to a report at ArsTechnica. Emoji, the cute graphical images favored by many heavy SMS text users and a standard part of mobile communications in Japan, are “hidden” on iPhones sold outside Japan. However in recent months, third party apps and other […]

Apple Goes with New Accountants

Apple tapped Ernst&Young Friday to be the company’s independent accounting firm, severing ties with KPMG, which had audited the company’s books since fiscal 1997. In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Apple said there were no disagreements with KPMG “on any matter of accounting principles or practices, financial statement disclosure or auditing […]

Do Not Taunt the Angry Cat [Apps]

The AppStore is filled with useless programs for iPhone and iPod touch. Sometimes, a truly special useless program emerges above the rest. Today, that’s AngryCat. A program that displays a picture of a wet cat, then plays angry cat noises and occasionally has it attack you when you try to touch it. Now, you might […]

5 “Oregon Trail” Style Classic Games We Want for the iPhone

While we’re excited about Oregon Trail for the iPhone, not every classic game works well for the touchscreen platform. The phone’s lack of real buttons makes anything requiring precision a lost cause. iPhone Contra would be an epic train wreck. But other games would work great. Here are five we’d love to see. More: continued […]

Eminem Sues Record Label Over iTunes Royalties

Should recording artists receive larger royalties from songs sold in digital format, such as by Apple’s iTunes? That’s the question before a California court as rapper Eminem sues recording companies for a larger portion of the revenue pie. The lawsuit has taken two years to make it to trial, but already lawyers for the rapper […]