Yellowsn0w Warning

The iPhone Dev-Team issued a warning to yellowsn0w users yesterday with a video on MuscleNerd’s Qik page. As you can guess, Apple’s 2.2.1 iPhone software update doesn’t favor jailbroken iPhones. According to MuscleNerd, the update will “remove your ability to inject yellowsnow, possibly permanently. Your soft unlock will go away, possibly forever. The only […] […]

App Store Rumored To Receive A Premium Games Section

    Apple’s App Store is a mishmash of high caliber, engaging games and low quality shovelware. It’s difficult for developers to get their games noticed when they deserve to be and it is just as difficult for consumers to find these gems. Apple is rumored to be working on a premium games section that […]

putting in home windows 7 beta on a Mac with sun VirtualBox

Microsoft’s public beta of windows 7 is similar sufficient to Vista that it is rather straightforward to install on a Mac, both using BootCamp to put in it natively, or within a digital surroundings. right here’s what’s involved with acquiring the beta and installing it using solar’s free VirtualBox device. more: continued right here

Next Generation iPhone Evidence In Firmware

An iPhone hardware upgrade is inevitable, we all know this. The question is what will the upgrade contain? Phil Schiller has previously stated that the iPhone’s usual upgrade cycle occurs in the month of June so even though it is only January, we can still speculate. MacRumors has uncovered a possible confirmation of an […] […]

15+ extremely useful Mac Apps For Freelance web Designers

In nowadays’s publish you will in finding 15 incredibly helpful Mac Apps for freelance net designers to get their website online or software styled in a fraction of the time it took sooner than and lend a hand them handle their project effectively to get their job performed. more: continued right here

Yet Another iPhone Commercial

  In just three short days, Apple has released three new iPhone commercials. Each commercial has showcased different applications all using a common theme. Monday was all about reading, Tuesday had applications that fixed things and today we have a brand new commercial about checking. Not like the balancing numbers sort of checking […] More: […]

20 useful iLife ’09 guidelines and methods

annually Apple rolls out any other model of iLife. whereas iPhoto and GarageBand obtained main updates, some apps, like iWeb and iDVD, ended up being nearly forgotten about. still, with updates come new features to figure out and a navigation which is modified ever so relatively. extra: continued here

Bill Introduced To Ban Silent Camera Phones

Silent photographs from your camera phone may soon be a thing of the past. A bill has been introduced to the House of Representatives by Congressman Pete King (R-N.Y.) that would ban camera phones that include a silent photograph mode. Beginning 1 year after the date of enactment of this Act, any mobile phone containing […]

iPhone Sales Helped AT&T In Q4 2008

AT&T recently posted their fourth quarter 2008 earnings, and according to the numbers, the iPhone had a lot to do with their success. AT&T reported that they had activated 1.9 million iPhone’s during the fourth quarter, down from the third quarter numbers of 2.4 million. The third quarter was the iPhone 3G’s first […] More: […]